COVID-19 News & Updates

Return From COVID Plan

A P R I L    2 0 2 1




In April of 2021, Bluff Creek Christian Church convened a task force to develop a comprehensive plan for returning from Covid-19. This plan is concerning on-site events and activities as well as weekly group meetings that may take place off campus. The task force included lay people who serve in various areas and also represent a wide-range of age groups. The task force also included the pastoral staff. The main focus was to safely and responsibly return to familiar aspects of church life so that people could experience the benefits of community. After working through each area of concern, this plan was drafted and submitted to the eldership for approval.

The plan is broken down into 4 areas of impact. This return plan and timeline are subject to change depending on future circumstances. We ask for everyone’s cooperation and are grateful for everyone who helped with its development.

1.  Masks & Social Distancing

- Wear Mask In Transit (Moving from one place to another. Examples: entering facility, going to restroom, going to classroom, exiting, etc.) Masks may be removed when you are seated with your family group and are able to practice the 6ft. rule.

  •          Wear a mask if you have a Cough or are Sneezing.
  •          If you are sick, please stay home and watch our LIVE stream.
  •          If wearing a mask makes you feel more comfortable, please do so.

- Social Distancing

  •          Please maintain a safe distance of 6 feet.
  •          Dismissal from worship will be done as 1 group.
  •          Seating in classrooms, homes, auditorium and everywhere should remain at 6 feet especially if we are taking masks off when seated.
  •          Please continue to use caution and sensitivity as you interact with people with different comfort levels.

- Children/Youth

  •          Continue to follow Center Grove Schools’ rules.
  •          When in seats and where social distancing rules are being followed, they may take off their masks when given permission by teachers/leaders.

- Timeline

  •          Continue to follow the State of Indiana and Johnson County Recommendations.
  •          Continue to monitor Covid-19 cases through state website.
  •          Revisit Mask Practices in July.


2.  Lobby & Auditorium

- According to information from the CDC, transmission of the Covid-19 virus is not easily spread through touch. Therefore…

  •          Lobby iPads will be returned for New to Bluff Creek registrations, small group sign ups, and service opportunities. These iPads will be cleaned periodically.
  •          Quick Response (QR) Codes will be posted in lobby to connect people with information about Bluff Creek.
  •          No magazines or reusable literature will be provided at this time.

- Seating

  •          Seating in the Auditorium and throughout the facility should be kept to 6 feet or more.

- Coat Racks

  •          Reopen coat racks immediately.

- Bulletins

  •          We will continue to have a digital bulletin through the YouVersion Bible App.

- Handshakes & Hugs

  •          Elbow and fist bumps encouraged.
  •          Wait for CDC guidance.

3.  Communion

- We will return to having communion as a regular part of worship on Sunday mornings. Pre-packaged communion is our safest option. There will be communion stations where you can pick up your communion before service (or during). Please only take what is needed. If you are comfortable taking communion during service, we encourage it. If not, you are welcome to take it with you. For those unable to go to the station to pick up communion, please raise your hand and an usher will bring it to you.

- Details

  •          2 stations next to giving buckets and 2 stations on the auditorium sides
  •          Hand sanitizer at each station.
  •          Ushers designated to watch for raised hands during communion.
  •          Larger waste receptacles at the back of the auditorium

- Timeline

  •          Prepackaged communion will be picked up at stations beginning May 2.
  •          We will reevaluate going back to preparing communion onsite and regular distribution in late 2021.

4.  Café

- The Café will not be reopened at this time. Many details still need to be determined concerning safety. We also have a shortage of volunteers in this area.  It will be revisited in autumn of 2021.