Connection groups

Connection Groups are home and church based groups where we Love Others by learning, growing, and building relationships together. 

They are an essential component to Loving Others at Bluff Creek. Whether new to Bluff Creek, or a regular part of our church family, we encourage all to get Connected & stay Connected.

We have two types of groups for individuals to be involved in.

Ongoing Groups are  available each Sunday morning at 8:30 am, 9:40 am, & 11:10 am for individuals to participate in at any time at the church.

Elective Groups are available for sign up each January and August for a semester on one of the many subjects offered. 

Listed below are the Fall 2018 Connection Groups available.

Digging Deeper, Sunday 6pm, Beginning September 9th
Leader/Location: Eric Allen, Bargersville
Material Cost: $0 - Bring your bible
Length: 13 weeks
Phone: 317-422-5718
  • Join Eric and go deeper into the current sermon series, Light & then Uconomy. Learn how to apply these topics to your every day life.

Woman of Valor, Sunday 6pm, Beginning September 9th
Leader/Location: Raegan Towne, Greenwood
Material Cost: Woman of Valor Book by Marilynn Chadwick, $11-$13 on or
Length: 13 weeks
Phone: 317-523-8712
  • Did you know that the famed Proverbs 31 woman was more than just a "virtuous woman"? In Hebrew, she is called a woman of valor. And if you think the Bible paints women as "less than," better look again! This connection group will work through the book written by Marilynn Chadwick, a former agnostic. Chadwick details powerful portrayals of women right in the pages of Scripture-courageous women who fought wars, foiled genocidal plots, and raised world-changing kids. Like these women, you were designed by God to bravely and faithfully give life to the world around you. More than just a virtuous woman, you were created to be a woman of valor. Each participant needs to purchase their own copy of the book and can do so online at or

Reducing the Diabetes Risk, Mondays 10:30am, Beginning September 10th

Leader/Location: Shelly Ferguson, Church

Material Cost: Free for Medicare participants with a sliding scale for others up to $180

Length: 16 weeks

Phone: 317-412-4929

  • This group is designed to help you reduce your risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Shelley is a lifestyle coach trained specifically for this YMCA program. Participants will be lead through discussions of nutrition, physical activity, and weight loss. You will be guided to develop weekly physical activity and weight loss as needed to promote health.

The Book of Acts Part 2, Mondays 7pm, Beginning August 27th

Leader/Location: Mike & Danita Johnson, Trafalgar

Material Cost: $0, Bring your bible

Phone: 317-627-6844

  • We will be focusing on Paul's journey throughout the last half of the book. We will try to understand how Paul's teaching & experiences apply to our lives today.

The Beautitudes Women's Bible Study, Wednesdays 9:30am, In Progress (welcome to join anytime!)

Leader/Location: Marlene West, Church Room 105

Material Cost: $0, Bring your bible

Length: 13 weeks

Phone: 317-422-5407

  • Each Beatitude consists of two phrases: the condition and the result. In almost all cases the phrases used are familiar from an Old Testament context, but in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus elevates them to new levels and teachings. Together, the Beatitudes present a new set of ideals that focus on love and humility rather than force and exaction. They echo the highest ideals of Jesus' teachings on spirituality and compassion.

The Book of John, Wednesdays 6:30pm, Beginning September 5th

Leader/Location: Phyllis Reynolds, Franklin (south on 44)

Material Cost: $0, Bring your bible

Length: 13 weeks

Phone: 317-736-7093

  • John is the fourth and last Gospel (an account of Jesus’ life and ministry) in the new Testament. John focuses on the deity of Christ more so than the other four: we see Jesus as the Word of God, the Son of God, and God Himself. Jesus is a great miracle worker, an omniscient teacher, a compassionate provider, and a faithful friend.

DIgging Deeper, Thursdays 6pm, Beginning September 6th

Leader/Location: Kevin & Theresa Beanblossom, Mooresville

Material Cost: $0, Bring your bible

Length: 13 weeks


  • Join Kevin & Theresa and go deeper into the current sermon series, Light & then Uconomy. Learn how to apply these topics to your every day life.

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