There is more to health and wellness than pursuing a number on a scale. Don’t stay stuck in the same old lies, wasting your time and money on the latest wellness fads. It’s the goal of Revelation Wellness to see you transform your whole self to feel well and confident and to pursue the call God has on your life. As the body of Christ gets healthy and whole, we will be fit for our purpose to spread the love of God to the ends of the earth. Sign up here today to join our ongoing class!


Revelation Wellness includes Bible study, fitness and nutrition training, small-group discussions, safe movement, Wellness Revelation book by Alisa Keeton, set of drumsticks and much, much more! Our class meets on Tuesdays at  6:00 -7:30pm and Wednesdays at

9:30 -11:30am in the auditorium. You are welcome to join at anytime as this is an ongoing class. Supplies cost $15 which can be paid to Shelley Ferguson. For more info or any questions email us here.